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By Nashua Smile Makers
May 26, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Sugar  

Find out why sugar is so dangerous for your smile and how you can avoid it.

Who doesn’t love sugar? In fact, we love it so much that the USDA reports that the average American consumes between 150 to 170 pounds of sugar each year. Your first response might be, “I don’t eat that much sugar”; however, you might surprise yourself with how often it sneaks Sugarinto your daily meals. Your Nashua dentists are here to explain the many ways sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth and what you can do to stop it from happening.

How does sugar affect your smile?

Sugar is the main culprit for cavities. Decay forms by acids produced by the bacteria that live in our mouths. A bit of something sweet, and the bacteria thrives off of it, producing an acid attack that can wear away enamel and weaken your teeth. Over time, sugar can eat away at the enamel and cause cavities.

How can I protect my smile against sugar?

While telling you to avoid desserts, sweets and soda might sound obvious, we can’t preface this advice enough. Of course, it will be difficult to abstain and it’s not also possible all the time. If you do cave and find yourself digging into that after-dinner dessert than your Nashua dentists recommend that you at least be sure to brush your teeth immediately after so the sugar doesn’t stay on your teeth as long.

You should also at least brush twice a day and floss daily to prevent cavities and gum disease. Whether you consume sugar or not you should always follow this rule; however, good oral hygiene ensures that you will remove as much sugar as possible from your teeth and gums.

Read those labels before purchasing foods from the grocery store. You might be surprised to hear that added sugar is found in almost everything by buy. Reduce your chances of consuming more sugar by reading all labels before buying groceries. Sauces, condiments and salad dressings are often chock full of sugar. Swap out sugar-laden dressings with a healthier mix of olive oil and vinegar. Try to make your meals from the most basic, freshest ingredients possible and stay away from frozen or boxed meals.

If you need to quell that sweet tooth opt for sugar-free gum or snacks sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener that is found in fruit. Not only does it have few calories than regular sugar, but it will also keep your teeth safe.

Of course, your oral care regime just wouldn’t be complete without seeing your Nashua dentists regularly for cleanings. If it’s time for your six-month visit, then call Drs. Salvatore Guerriero and Salvatore Colletta today. Nashua Smile Makers will certainly give you something to smile about. Call today at (603) 882-3727.