Signs You May Need a Root Canal


Root canal therapy has helped countless patients avoid having to resort to tooth extraction. This therapy is best explored at the first signsroot canal of a tooth problem. So, how do you know that you may need a root canal? Ask yourself these questions to find out if you may need treatment and contact a dentist at Nashua Smile Makers in Nashua, NH, for help.

How Do Your Teeth Feel?

A stinging or throbbing pain on one or more of your teeth is usually the most pressing sign that you may need a root canal. The pain can gradually get worse, or in some cases it seems to arrive suddenly. Some tooth discomfort is fleeting and goes away after a day or so, but when it is chronic or lasts for long periods of time, that is a possible sign of advanced tooth decay that needs immediate treatment. Also, consult your Nashua, NH, dentist if you suddenly have problems with tooth sensitivity.

Any Visible Changes to a Tooth or the Gums?

When bad bacteria erode the dental enamel, a dark or black colored mark is often left behind. Open your mouth wide in the mirror to take a close look at the surfaces of all of your teeth for any unusual spots. In some cases, the whole tooth will begin to change color if the nerves are damaged. Also, check for sores that develop around one area of the gum line as this could be a sign of a dental abscess.

How Does Your Breath Smell Lately?

Bad breath is usually something that will go away after you brush, rinse with mouthwash, or eat a mint. But if you still smell a funny odor after cleaning your mouth, that could be a sign of dental decay. Until that decayed tissue is removed and cleaned with root canal therapy, the smell will likely persist.

Call for Root Canal Treatment

If you notice any of these signs of dental decay, act fast—contact your dentist for an examination. Call Nashua Smile Makers in Nashua, NH, at (603) 882-3727 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Salvatore Guerriero or Dr. Salvatore Colletta.

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