Am I a Good Candidate for Veneers?


Are you ready to find out if dental veneers are right for you?

While cosmetic dentistry has certainly been a major lifesaver for anyone who has had dental imperfections and wanted to improve their veneerssmile, it’s important that you visit our Nashua, NH dentists, Dr. Salvatore Guerriero and Dr. Salvatore Colletta, before choosing the dental treatment that’s right for you. Learn more about what it’s like to get dental veneers and what factors play into your candidacy.

No matter how big or small your dental flaws seem to be, any imperfections can leave you feeling self-conscious. If this sounds like you then you could potentially benefit from getting dental veneers. While the first course of action is to visit our Nashua cosmetic dentist first to make sure your smile is healthy enough for veneers, here are some ways to tell if you are a good candidate:

  • You have healthy teeth that are free of cavities, infection, etc. You also should have enough healthy enamel to support your veneers. Sometimes patients who grind their teeth wear away their teeth so much that they cannot support veneers.
  • You are an adult who is looking to make aesthetic changes to your smile. Fully developed teeth are the only teeth that can get dental veneers. While children and teens may deal with dental defects there are other options for them to consider (and once their teeth are fully grown then they can get dental veneers, if they so choose).
  • You are dedicated to caring for your veneers. Since traditional veneers require that some tooth enamel be removed prior to applying these porcelain shells, you have to be prepared to keep up with your dental veneers for life. While veneers will need to be replaced at some point, the better you care for them the longer they will last.
  • You have dental issues like discolorations, cracks, chips, small gaps between teeth or minor crowding that you want to address. Minor to moderate issues can be treated through dental veneers, but serious misalignments will require orthodontics or other options to improve the overall health and shape of your smile.

If you think dental veneers sound like the right cosmetic treatment to boost the appearance of your smile then it’s time you called our Nashua, NH dental office. Turn to Nashua Smile Makers to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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